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Are you noticing that your prized training content isn’t compatible with top-notch tech anymore? We can take your relevant content into the future. HTML5 conversion makes the content that’s important to your organization compatible with modern platforms and devices.

Engaging Template
Dynamic and interactive
device-agnostic and mobile-ready

Euvouria is ready to take your Flash-based e-learning content and propel it into all of the capabilities HTML5 has to offer. What are you waiting for? Compatibility doesn’t wait. 

Maximum Interactivity
Improve animations, simulations, video content, and interactivity by converting to HTML5. Gamified learning? You bet.
Highly Responsive
HTML5-based courses are compatible across modern browsers and across devices. One source file makes it easy for learners to access training content on the go.
Secure & Reliable
Dial security threats down to almost 0%. You have too much sensitive data within your e-learning to risk security shortfalls.
Modern Design
Flash has aged out. HTML5 ensures your course and multimedia stays up to date and modern. Gen Z is joining the workforce, don't leave your learning content, systems, and applications in the 90s.
EdTech trends say 'little and often' is the way forward. HTML5 can break down chunky courses into learning nuggets. Impact employee productivity through better engagement via microlearning.
Loading at Lighting Speed
HTML5 lets you load pages even when learners are temporarily offline. WiFi causing you trouble or a user on the move? Not a problem for your learning programs.
Learner Friendly
Optimizing for HTML5 means an opportunity to cross-check that your e-learning courses are doing hard work for your learners. Are the fonts legible, is everything on brand, and are the navigation buttons easy to find?
On Trend Instructional Design
This is an opportunity to redevelop your courses using top-notch instructional design strategies and techniques to resonate with modern learners. Gamification, scenario-based learning, videos, podcasts? The world is your oyster.
Mission: Flash to HTML5 Conversion

Let's Hear Our Numbers Do The Talking

Euvouria clients are making the move to HTML5 at lightning speed. 

of learners identified convenience, time-saving, as well as training with no distractions
smartphone users finish courses faster than the traditional computer users
developers are already using HTML5
HTML consumes less CPU than Flash and is more efficient
Our Process

Flash to HTML5 Conversion is as Easy as 1,2,3 (& 4)

Got some questions?

We've got the answers to your FAQ.

At Euvouria, we like to think we’re ahead of the curve, but if there’s a question we’re not covering below, please contact one of our experts. We’re more than happy to answer any questions you may have about our products and processes.

Is HTML 5 better than Flash?
Yes, HTML5 is better than Flash in every way. Flash itself is no longer supported as of the end of 2020. Security risks such as Flash allowing fraudsters to take over computers meant it simply had to be retired. HTML5 is the future.
What are the conversion options?
You can choose from direct conversion, re-development, upgrade, or even a complete overhaul. The choice is all yours, and we're here to help you decide.
What is re-development?
Re-development will be the best option if you have Flash-based interactivities that need to be redesigned using HTML5-based authoring tools.
What is an upgrade?
Picture this one like a new lick of paint. Courses that require a visual uplift and minor changes in learning content.
What is a complete overhaul?
It's been a while since you made this e-learning course, and you know you need a complete overhaul in terms of content, instructional strategy, or design. HTML5 conversion is the perfect time to do it!
What is a direct conversion?
Have you recently had your e-learning courses developed, and everything is still chock-full of relevant content? Then all you require is direct conversion to HTML5 with minimal or no changes.
Can Flash games be converted?
In short, no. There are no automated tools for Flash to HTML5 conversion for Flash games. To get technical: this is because the average game project contains multiple .fla files that rely upon several Actionscript libraries and external classes compiled at runtime, coupled with source code.
Will HTML5 replace Flash automatically?
Unfortunately, it isn't quite that simple. Programs that make use of Flash will require updating and conversing independently. All of this is dependent on how the program was designed and developed in the first place. Feeling a bit confused? That's okay. We're the experts for a reason.
Our prices

To change the quality
of the day is the highest art.

Direct Conversion
Price per Slide
Direct Conversion of Course (content only)
Price per Slide
Direct Conversion of Course (content only)
Price per Slide
Direct Conversion of Course
Visual Uplift
Minor Changes
Complete Overhaul
Price per Slide
Direct Conversion of Course
Visual Uplift
Update Content
Instructional Design
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Your Business Goals have Outgrown Flash. We're Here for HTML5 Conversion.

The internet moves at lightning speed. Did you miss the boat on Flash no longer being supported? Why not let our expert team walk you through the best way to salvage and upgrade your e-learning courses? 

Our friendly team is here to discuss your needs and find solutions where others only see problems. We’ll upgrade and restyle your e-learning courses in no time. 

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