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We believe that our work creates shared value for customers and society.

During our cooperation, the company’s employees have established themselves as a professional team.High-quality production in the shortest possible time in compliance with all norms and rules.

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Got some questions?

We've got the answers to your FAQ.

At Euvouria, we like to think we’re ahead of the curve, but if there’s a question we’re not covering below, please contact one of our experts. We’re more than happy to answer any questions you may have about our products and processes. 

What do you need from me before you can get started?
You aren't flying blind when you work with Euvouria. To make sure we can give you the very best service, we send you a form before your briefing. Any additional brochures or presentations you have are very helpful. From there, our concept specialists spend an hour clarifying your needs and goals during your briefing. Next, the project manager draws up a personalized project plan. We will walk you through every step of our process: narration text, storyboard, and the video itself is all ready for your feedback and approval.
What format can you provide my video in?
Our standard delivery format for videos is the industry standard MPEG4. Need a different format? We're more than happy to deliver your video in your format and screen resolution of choice. Does that cost extra? Of course not!
What makes a good explainer video?
The best explainer videos give you a lot of versatility. They can be live-action or animated. They can be tailored toward social media, landing pages, email strategies. They can be equally effective in instructing customers and employees alike...

But regardless of the specifics of your explainer video strategy, there are three crucial aspects all high-quality animated explainer videos require to be effective:

Clarity: Explainers are all about delivering your message in effective and compelling ways, and you can’t do that with a confusing piece. Your explainer’s script should be as clear and concise as it is thorough. Never try to cover more ground at the expense of clarity.

Quality: Your explainers – and any piece of content you release, to be honest – represent your brand and products. Whether you go live-action or animation, your piece’s visual quality should be top-notch to avoid sending the wrong message to potential customers.

Customization: Regardless of the style you go for, your animated explainer video should feel unmistakably yours. A generic-looking piece is easy to forget and could end up benefitting your competitors more than you.

How long should my video be?
Thankfully, you came to the experts on human learning psyche. We recommend a length of 60-120 seconds for explainer videos. Like anything in life, there can be some scope for playing with this. For example, some e-learning videos can be slightly longer, whereas social media videos should be shorter to capture your audience's attention. Longer isn't always better. We will make sure to discuss your needs during the briefing process and explain suitable video lengths for your specific project.
How can I measure the success of my explainer video?
The age-old question, was your investment worth it? You're looking at your brand new video and are ready to distribute it to the appropriate channels. There are various Key Performance Indicators (KPIs for us business humans) to determine whether your video is hitting the right note with your audience. Specifically, you want to be looking closely at the length of stay and completion rates, engagement and interactions, returning users, conversion rates, and click numbers. Those numbers tell a story!
Is it Possible to Speed Up the Explainer Video Production Process?

As an explainer video production company we understand the need for having a video done in a short period of time. However, do keep in mind that working toward faster deliveries for the final product does increase the price of our services, to accommodate the increased production effort necessary to meet tight deadlines.

That said, the faster we begin, the quicker we’ll have that fantastic explainer animation video ready for you! Contact us today and let us start crafting that excellent marketing piece your brand needs!

Our prices

To change the quality
of the day is the highest art.

1 Minute Film Length
Black & White
Voice Over Recording
Music/Sound Design
21 Working Days
1:30 Minute Film Length
Voice Over Recording
Music/Sound Design
26 Working Days
1:30 Minute Film Length
Corporate Color
Voice Over Recording
Music/Sound Design
31 Working Days
Extra Minute
1 Additional Minute
Quizzes, Learning Sequences or Gamification Elements
Fast Delivery
12 Working Days
Narrated in any language
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Got business goals? We've got animation solutions.

The modern world is full of the need to explain yourself. Why not choose an explainer video to launch a new product, change a business process or present to stakeholders? 

Our friendly experts are ready to discuss your needs and find solutions where others only see problems. We’ll show you and your audience, rather than just telling. 

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