Do you think a whiteboard animation video might be the right path to go down for your explainer video? I do not blame you. These types of videos are hugely popular and utterly charming in their simplicity. Thanks to the wondrous nature of the animation world, there are no actual drawing skills required on your part, and you can leave the physical whiteboard at home. Let’s take a deep dive into a whiteboard animation together.

What is Whiteboard Animation?

Whiteboard animation is the process of storytelling on a blank, whiteboard-like background. The drawn animations are often simple and resemble stick figures, but that doesn’t make them any less compelling for audiences. In 2007 UPS, the American postal company, was the first business to launch a widely successful marketing campaign using whiteboard animation. As is often the way in the world of Fortune 500 companies, the world took notice, and pretty quickly, whiteboard animation took off as a style of entertaining and educating at the same time. The best types of whiteboard animation make you feel as if you’re just happening upon a doodle happening right in front of your eyes. 

What are the Characteristics of Whiteboard Animation?

Where can Whiteboard Animation be Used?

The simplicity of whiteboard animation videos means they are versatile across many industries, products, and business processes. They are especially suitable for the following areas, though. 


  • Education and E-Learning: educational videos are not a new concept, and whiteboard animation gives a unique creative opportunity to learning.
  • Consulting: you know you’re the best consulting firm in your area of expertise, but getting that across to your customer can be communicated with a whiteboard animation in a few short moments. 
  • Retail: when looking to launch a new product, whiteboard animation can easily break down features and benefits. 
  • Healthcare: medicine is a complex field. There’s a reason medical school is so long. Since whiteboard animation explainer videos aim to make the complicated simple, here is where they shine. 
  • Technology: You know why you’ve created your hardware or software, but your ideal customer may need to understand just what solution you offer. Enter whiteboard animation. 

Business Processes

Any business process that would benefit from being simplified would benefit from being explained via whiteboard animation. Ready to be surprised by how something you thought needed hours to explain can be boiled down to two minutes for maximum effectiveness? 

How does Whiteboard Animation Work?

The Psychology of Whiteboard Animation

As with everything in marketing, the reason for whiteboard animation being compelling doesn’t come from nowhere. These super fun little videos register as something new in our overstimulated modern brains and thus make us sit up and pay attention. A good mood enhances our abilities to take on information. 

Since half of the human brain is dedicated to making sense of visual input, visually presented information becomes a lot easier to take in. This is in line with 65% of all people being visual learners. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a learning style more present among general populations. 

Combining words, drawn images, and narration stimulates different parts of the brain at once, giving multiple opportunities for information to be processed and remembered. 

Advantages of Whiteboard Animation

  • Reduce Bounce Rate: We’ve all gotten stuck on that website statistic. Visitors arrive and click away in a split second. Did I do something to offend? Research has shown that people spend 2.6x more time on website pages with video than those without. A more extended visit can become a more engaged visit depending on the content. 
  • Stick to Viewer’s Memory: Take another peek at the psychology for more on how this is done. A unique, branded whiteboard animation connects with the viewer and stays with them beyond the two minutes of their time. 
  • Accessible Across Cultures: International expansion is more possible with a video that relies profoundly on visuals and can be subtitled in necessary languages along the way. Think big, think long term. 

Disadvantages of Whiteboard Animation

  • Poor Quality is a No Go: Viewers do not linger or engage with poor-quality visuals and animations. It may be tempting to go DIY on something that looks so simple at first glance, but you need to call in the pros.
  • Too Many on the Market: Keep an eye on trends to see if the world is currently overrun with whiteboard animations. If that is the case, you may need to go a different route to stand out from the crowd. 

A whiteboard animation explainer video is a fantastic way of creating visual interest and getting your ideas across, but it isn’t the only type of explainer video with excellent results. 

Whiteboard Animation