You’re a clever cookie; you know EdTech is a portmanteau made up of the word education and technology. The two concepts come together, take the best of IT, and combine it with our knowledge of educational techniques. This enhances understanding and studying for learners from all walks of life. 

EdTech Principles

  • Teaching is enhanced with the very best technology has to offer.
  • Focus on improving learning and learner’s experience. 
  • Analyze the way technology and learning can be used to bring out the very best in teaching. 
  • Technology is a way to make learning more interesting and engaging. 
  • Make learning efficient and accessible. 

Benefits of EdTech

EdTech has myriad benefits in our global world. Let’s take a look at some of the ways your business or school could profit from investing in EdTech: 


With technology being an active part of our youngest and oldest learners’ lives, incorporating well-known devices and programs into the learning journey automatically improves engagement. Once we have left formal education, most of us are no longer used to sitting in a stuffy classroom and paying attention to what a teacher has to say. This is no different in an office situation. If you pop a group of new starters into a classroom with no windows with a trainer who’s given the same induction a million times, you are unlikely to get them involved in company culture. Now imagine a fully immersive VR experience that shows your new hire around the office they currently can’t access due to disease control. They are likely to appreciate the experience. It shows them the company they work for is on-trend and invested in involving them in their business, no matter how far away! 


With us all stuck at home, we miss bouncing ideas off our colleagues. Online learning that only involves clicking from one text-dense slide to the next before being met with a far too easy multiple choice quiz isn’t engaging. Advances in EdTech allows learners to be in digital classrooms and have discussions with their fellow learners, whether through audio or typed conversation. This collaboration helps knowledge stick, explains difficult and dry concepts in an accessible way, and involves learners in their own success. 

Data on Training

Your trainers and teachers know their students and learners like nobody else. To get an overview of how training is going, you often need to add another meeting to your already busy schedule. This is annoying at best and inefficient, especially if you are more of a data than a touchy-feely person! You want the facts. Thankfully learning management systems (LMS), an integral part of the EdTech market, are set up to give you quantitative data so you can shift your business and training where they need to be. Additionally, EdTech design is as creative as it is mathematics focused. Solid data improves the design process and serves learners long-term. 

Environmental Benefits

Governments have been pushing for businesses and schools to go paperless since the severity of the global warming crisis first became apparent. None the less, many businesses are still printing out reams of paper during training processes. Educational technologies are largely paperless and greener by default. With consumers looking to support more socially responsible businesses, a business with eco-friendly training will benefit through the peace of mind of doing their best and through being able to advertise themselves as doing that morally right thing. Depending on where in the world you are, you may even be eligible for grants to digitize your business when you show a desire to lower your carbon footprint

Anytime, Anywhere

Cloud computing makes it possible for employees to continue to access their training programs from home, even if they have only had time to grab a laptop and head home due to current safety concerns and lockdowns. This allows your business training to continue to be met in home offices and office offices everywhere. Should they have an influx of emails, they can reschedule their training for a time that suits them without aligning their schedules with a physical trainer. Similarly, if they get more interested in a topic and would like to dive more deeply into the subject matter, modern EdTech gives them the chance to access more learning units. Thus putting control into the learner’s hands and actively encouraging additional interest through badges and certificates. The learner can see the business trusts them, which builds greater loyalty!

Extra Help 

What if a learner isn’t getting it? Their work is suffering, and the in-house trainer is getting frustrated. In the past, this employee may have been let go. Thanks to educational technologies, access to different ways of explaining or different learning styles can be catered to. Businesses deserve employees who are motivated and have been invested in. EdTech allows you to put your money where it deserves to be, in your biggest asset, your stellar employees and their knowledge. 

Have I made EdTech sound good enough yet? I believe in the symbiotic future of technology and education! I am the rare combination of highly creative and technologically minded and would love to help your company realize its EdTech driven dreams. With 2 plus years in designing, developing, and delivering online and offline e-learning courses and over 10 years in eCommerce, product management, and operations, I have a wealth of information to help you go further. I’d mention my MA in Information Systems Engineering, but now we’re getting into bragging territory. If all of this sounds good to you or you have more questions, please reach out over here. 

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