“To infinity and beyond,” said Buzz Lightyear in one of my favorite Disney creations, Toy Story. Unfortunately, this isn’t going to be a closer look at themes of change, community, and identity in a computer-animated feature-length film. However, today’s topic, explainer video software Vyond, has more in common with 1995’s Toy Story than you might think. The first installment in the Toy Story franchise was the first completely computer-animated feature-length film. Vyond’s technology builds on the success of this to create computer-animated eLearning content. With that in mind, let’s take a look at infinity and Vyond! 

What Is an Explainer Video?

Do you remember when eLearning used to be your boss sending you lots of PowerPoint presentations to peruse in your own time? Thankfully, edTech has moved beyond that. The industry realizes that as a generation of people raised with Toy Story-style animations dominate the workplace, using those quickfire animations to explain and teach concepts accessibly is a great trick. 

A well-designed explained video makes use of 1-2 minutes of learner time to grasp essential concepts. They’re a fantastic way to get people interested and allows them to watch and observe in between other forms of learning. It’s a brilliant way for brain processing to take a backseat from having to do active learning processes. 

Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning

Thankfully scientists like Richard Mayer have researched why these videos are so useful for learning. The multimedia principle states that most learners will learn more deeply from a combination of words and pictures than just pictures alone. Human beings can only process a finite amount of learning via one channel (auditory and visual) at a time. According to Mayer, the brain uses new information through these channels and integrates further information with previously learned information. 


Enough about the what, why, and how behind explainer videos. Creating videos is hard. It requires costly programs and probably some form of degree. Vyond is really over that being the case. Their mission is to put the power of video into the hands of everyone. All skill levels, any job role should be able to create effective and compelling media. 

How Does Vyond Studio Work?

Vyond takes creating explained videos up a notch. Say goodbye to over-simplistic, cartoony tools. Vyond allows you to access a massive library of assets to mix with your content to create educational videos with your own branded twist. 

Vyond Main Features

  • Automatic Lip Sync

Your characters can talk to your learners without overly complicated rendering. Set up a microphone, MP3 file, or text to speech, assign to a character, and in a few clicks, you have animations talking with your voice of choice.

  • Unlimited Customization 

Each template has three different style options. Combine this with characters and other pre-animated assets and create visualizations of your dreams. If I were more of a math whiz, I’d work out just how many different options you have. Instead, you’ll have to trust me. Hundreds of pre-made templates for those days you’re stuck on ideas and creativity make video creation faster and easier. 

  • Version History 

This is Ctrl + Z for when you messed up a little more substantially. Version history gives you the option to go back and look at each saved version of your project. Additionally, it is easier to track colleagues’ changes or create a video based on an older version. No need to panic, or foam at the mouth with repressed rage, if your boss says, “I liked last week’s version better.” 

Vyond is Perfect For…

  • people working in different offices and from home
  • conveying organizational news to employees
  • changes in objectives 
  • scenario-based learning
  • micro-learning 

For more macro-overviews, you are better served by edTech requiring more than 1-2 minutes of video. 

Vyond Tiers

  • Essential: perfect for those on very tight budgets, please be aware that this will have a small Vyond logo on the left side of your videos. 
  • Premium: High-quality exports plus live chat support. 
  • Professional: Scalable for small to medium companies. More bang for your buck with advanced features and snazzy priority customer service. 
  • Enterprise: Everything you get as a professional tier member plus advanced security, more onboarding assistance, and an account manager. 

Vyond Pros

  • Ease of use for beginners. The interface is so intuitive that it takes less than 10 minutes to master. 
  • If you’re still unsure, you’ll be able to understand the software; the online learning system is foolproof for even the most computer unsavvy individual. 
  • Importing your assets is easily supported. 
  • A helpful timeline layout makes adding characters, music, narration, and assets easy as pie. 
  • Royalty-free sound effects add more dimensionality to your creation. 
  • Reasonable price for all the features you get.
  • A free 14-day trial if you need a little bit of time to understand whether you’ll get on with the program and would like to create a short explainer video to show to management to get their buy-in. 

Vyond Cons

Before discussing any Vyond negatives, I have to say that the vendor is on it, and every reported downside has had a prompt response about looking to amend the software to make it better. That sounds like stellar customer service to me!

  • Some users have found the amount of character presets a little limiting. 
  • You cannot export individual assets in high resolution. 
  • It cannot replace the work of an animator, naturally. If you have the budget to be able to do so, please do so. 
  • As a cloud-based application, some of the extra features only become available in higher price tiers. 


If you’re repeatedly beating your head against the wall while trying to create explainer videos to engage learners with, Vyond will save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Ease of use, affordable, and science on its side? To the free-trial and Vyond!