Teachers had to scramble last year in order to suddenly shift their entire curriculum to online learning. It was a stressful time, and understandably both they and their students suffered a bit for it. A year has now passed and educators are slowly discovering the best methods to online teaching. 

An underutilized material source is that of explainer videos. They have the potential to transform your class and connect with your students much more than your ordinary lectures. Explainer videos are short videos that are used to illustrate a certain topic. These videos break a difficult and confusing topic down into smaller parts that are easier to comprehend. One of the best explainer video applications is that of VideoScribe.

What is VideoScribe?

VideoScribe is a software company that is a fantastic resource to take advantage of for your school curriculum. They offer an explainer video software application that you can use both on and offline, so that you can work on your projects from anywhere. Even without any editing skills, it enables you to create your very own videos to use in the classroom. It is an easy-to use software that you purchase to produce captivating content that you can publish and share. VideoScribe is used by reputable companies worldwide, such as BBC, NYC Department of Education, and the University of British Columbia. It can be used by novices and experts alike, and for any subject or concept. 

What Can It Be Used For?

Although they are mostly used for advertisements, these types of quick videos can also be utilized within the classroom. They are a great edtech resource, especially during this pandemic. Use VideoScribe’s software to create an engaging curriculum that your students will interact with. You can make videos to improve your student participation. They are more likely to get involved when they have fun. You can target reading and writing skills with animated videos, so that it doesn’t feel like a lesson. 

You can even have your students create their own videos as a project. Have them create and present their videos to the class–not only will it teach them hard computer skills, it can teach them soft skills like public speaking and time management. 

Why Should You Use It?

Using VideoScribe in your class lessons is a fantastic way to hold your students’ attention. They are much more likely to watch a video than listen to your lecture or read a passage. Students also have various learning styles, so you should alternate your methods to be accessible to everyone. Some struggle with auditory learning but have an easier time remembering an image. It also assists in solidifying the information that you say verbally–they have a picture to associate when thinking of what you said. It becomes a form of picture word association and improves memory recall. It also lets you explain more detail in a shorter amount of time. You limit yourself to only the essentials instead of using so many filler words. 88% of people agree that a student’s achievement is increased when video is used during their education.

Other video editing softwares are complicated to use and require some knowledge of film making and video editing. You can spend hours just trying to learn how to use all of the different features. The explainer video application from VideoScribe allows you to create professional looking shots without needing any editing skills. It is perfect for educators who don’t have the time to devote to learning everything there is about video production. 

Features of VideoScribe

Instead of struggling through Apple or Adobe softwares, VideoScribe has simple drag and drop features and gives you support through their professional team as well as their community to make memorable content. It is intuitive to use and you can quickly pick it up, or easily for help when you need it. VideoScribe has a vast library of pre-made options to simplify the creative process for you. The software offers many different video templates for you to choose from as well as over 6,000 free images and gifs. You will be able to control the animation timings, include your own voice overs, access nearly 200 royalty free music tracks, and upload your videos directly to sites like YouTube. VideoScribe has a team of professional artists and editors who will draw and animate any custom imagery that you have in order to tailor your videos and make them unique.

Pricing Plans

VideoScribe has various pricing plans for you to choose from. Their basic starting plan is the Monthly Plan at $35 per month. It is a recurring payment that you can cancel at any time. It is best for those just starting out with the application and who don’t know if they’ll continue using it. The next one is the Yearly Plan. This is their best value as it is $14 per month, or a total of $168 paid yearly. Most people select this option. If you are certain that you will use this application well past the monetary value, then consider their One Off pricing plan. For a one time payment of $800 the application is yours to use as long as you like. 

They also include a free version, although there are many limitations that might make the payment worth it. The free application has a watermark that is non-removable. You cannot use premium images or HD videos; are unable to upload directly to sites or add your own logo; have a limited number of mp4 file uploads; must be online to use it; and can’t use multiple devices or resell the videos. If you need it for professional use, it’s best to select a plan. 

VideoScribe is a fantastic resource for educators. In order to improve your student’s retention and memory recall, start implementing  varied types of material so that each learning style is met within the classroom. Explainer videos engage students and encourage them to participate more with the lesson. It is imperative that they have fun and are eager to learn. Studies show that students are unable to pay attention to videos longer than two minutes, so these short bursts of videos are the perfect method to teach your lesson. VideoScribe offers a 7 day free trial for you to test out all of their features before making your decision. If you want to up your EdTech game, you should definitely consider using this software!

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