Are you ready for spring? The weather is getting milder, the days longer, and pretty soon, the world will burst out into blooming technicolor. While we’re all ready to leave the dreary days of winter behind us and spring forward, this article is not about my favorite season. Let me introduce you to the iSpring Suite: a PowerPoint-based edTech tool to make you swoon. 

iSpring Suite: Overview 

The iSpring Suite is a full authoring toolkit for creating eLearning. If you know how to use PowerPoint because your middle-school English teacher Mrs. Kenyon hammered the importance of presentations into your mind, you will have no problem using iSpring. The learning curve is almost non-existent, and edTech creators can utilize it to create assessments, simulated dialogue, video lectures, and tutorials with ease. 

iSpring Benefits and Tools

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of what exactly makes iSpring fantastic for eLearning creators. Whether you’re looking for an easy interface or myriad possibilities, iSpring Suite has your back. 

iSpring Downsides

No authoring tool can ever be perfect, and naturally, iSpring has its downsides

Where does iSpring Excel?

iSpring is perfect for:

  • Onboarding: create a complete overview of your business for recruits. 
  • Existing Employee Training: since iSpring makes it possible for learners to follow long-term paths and long-term learning, it is ideal for ongoing education and keeping skills fresh. 
  • Certification: Need a way to see if your employees are ready to rise to the next level? Create an online certification process to allow for greater transparency. 


iSpring is an e-learning authoring tool allowing a wide breadth of features while still maintaining ease of use for designers—a winning combination, in my opinion. When browsing impartial reviews, it becomes clear that iSpring is a crowd-pleaser, with users often able to resolve any issues via their friendly customer service and regular webinars. Spring on in!

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