eLearning applications are popping up everywhere. It’s almost impossible knowing where to start when you are new to eLearning software. Do you want something easy to understand that still won’t limit you? Let me introduce you to industry favorite Articulate Storyline. After reading this article, you will feel inspired to download it and give it a spin for yourself. 

What is Articulate Storyline?

Articulate Storyline is a tool used for creating eLearning modules and online courses. It is part of the Articulate 360 suite. It is easy to come to terms with for junior developers and designers because it looks and feels very similar to Microsoft PowerPoint. It is a free-form environment but comes pre-loaded with hundreds of different templates if you’re feeling stuck on the best way to display information to learners. Fantastically Articulate offers a 60-day free trial (that’s two entire months!) if you’d like to have a look at just how simple it is to get the hang of. 

Benefits of Articulate Storyline

Cons of Storyline

What else does Articulate 360 come with?

  • Authoring apps: Storyline 360, Rise 360 (SCORM- and Tin Can API-compliant courses)
  • Many people try to compare Storyline and Rise, but they are simply different applications with different uses. Usually, Rise is for simpler usage, whereas Storyline is the more in-depth option. 
  • 7 million (+) course assets such as templates, characters, photos, and videos.
  • Both live and on-demand training.

How to Prove Value

You may have landed here because you’d like to convince your employer to invest in Articulate’s offering. 

When you’re creating eLearning, there will come a time where you will find yourself needing to use an LMS (Learning Management Software). They will help you:

  1. Control access to courses
  2. Track how learners are getting on with their eLearning modules
  3. Store and archive eLearning. 

They will also help you generate the reports needed to prove effectiveness and ROI. 

If you are a creator, designer, or programmer of eLearnings, you want to prove your work to your big boss. The best way to do this is to see how it affects the bottom line: their money or customers. For example, has your call center had a lot of feedback on callers giving out incorrect information. You’re going to sit down and create a kick-butt training in Articulate Storyline. When you roll this out and have perfectly informed employees, big boss people will want to shake your hand. The value of eLearning is undeniable. You need to prove it via measurable outcomes such as money, behavioral outcomes, or more satisfied colleagues. 

In Conclusion

Articulate Storyline is a compelling authoring application. It has been widely criticized for being expensive, but as many users will point out: you get what you pay for. It is the industry leader for an excellent reason. 

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