Do you have fond memories of watching Sunday morning cartoons while your parents slept in? A bowl of sugary cereal in front of you while animated characters get up to hijinx on the small screen. Who’d have thought that our youth’s nostalgic cartoon animated characters could also make explainer and marketing videos shine? 

What is Cartoon Animation?

Cartoon animation is either hand-drawn or computer-designed. This style of animation often features bright colors and humor to get its message across. Its early start came from the entertainment industry. The silent era of film in the 20th century was uniquely suited for animators to entertain the masses. In 1928 the rise of Mickey Mouse became the first animated character to have sound and cartoon animation printed on the film together. By the 1980s, CGI (computer-generated imagery) took over cartoon animation. This advancement made animation more equitable and accessible beyond big animation studios. A cartoon animated explainer video, or marketing video, is a branded video that explains your product, business, or service to your clients using animation and voiceovers. 

Features and Characteristics of Cartoon Animation

When you’re in the field of marketing or education, you will be unlikely to be making use of traditional hand-drawn animation or stop-motion animation. Computer animation, like the type you are likely to encounter, holds the following characteristics. 

  • Cartoon Characters Heavily Featured: these types of animation are propelled forward thanks to our ability to empathize with animated characters. 
  • Problem and Solution Focus: Often, you will find a cartoon version of your ideal customer encountering a problem that your company offers the best solution to. 
  • Leverage Humor Wisely: The use of cartoon animation can allow you to play around with concepts playfully and entertainingly. They can be genuinely fun and funny. 
  • Brand Colors Everywhere: Since cartoon animation explainer videos are always colorful, getting your branded colors front and center is easy. Brand identity goes into the viewer’s mind in a single frame. 
  • Voiceovers: Combining animation with voiceovers ensures clarity when it comes to your explainer video. If both parts are doing their job well, a viewer walks away knowing what exactly is being explained or introduced. 

What Can Cartoon Animation be Used for?

The fun and colorful style of cartoon animation explainer videos may not make it suitable for industries where being firm and steadfast is the name of the game. Thankfully, even the stodgiest law firm is starting to see that fun sells more than always being solemn and severe. Cartoon animation is ideally suited for education and e-learning, retail, healthcare, and technology. 

Important Note

If your product or business process could do with being infused with some additional pep, cartoon animation will be for you. Especially the most boring schemes can use a helping hand in this area. 

How does Cartoon Animation Work?

Have you ever wondered how come cereal is advertised using cartoon characters? Studies have shown that using popular cartoon characters makes people believe the cereal tastes better. This same concept is what cartoon animation explainer videos make use of. When comparing a cartoon spokesperson with that of a live-action spokesperson, consumers had better attitudes and higher purchase intentions when encountering the cartoon. One of the theories as to why this is so effective is that a well-designed animation feels more natural and accessible to us than seeing a live-action commercial that can never feel as real as real life. 

Psychologically, consumer behavioral models give us more insight into why cartoon animation is effective.

  • Cognition: The process of becoming aware of a new opinion and learning. Cognition is made possible via bright, attention-grabbing colors and attractive characters. 
  • Affection: Evaluating what is being consumed. At this stage, the consumer’s preconceived notions come in to evaluate what is being seen and told to them. 
  • Conation: This is the action taken after the video is viewed. Does the consumer click add to cart or pick up the phone to enquire more? With a powerful call to action, this will happen. 

Benefits of Cartoon Animation

Downsides of Cartoon Animation

Cartoon animation explainer videos are a fantastic way of adding entertainment to explaining complex concepts quickly and effectively. However, be aware of accidentally taking it too far down the playful route and alienating your audience. An earnest, custom cartoon animation will take you and your brand to new heights.